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Residential Building Survey Report (formally called the Full Structural Survey)

This is a comprehensive inspection of the house you wish to make a home! Whilst the home is inspected in detail there may be elements where you have specific concerns and the inspection can be tailored by BSET SERVICES to provide specific emphasis for peace of mind of any area of particular concern or if you wish to undertake alterations the feasibility of those alterations can be included.


The Report is supported by color photographs and if you wish an arrangement can be made if convenient for an initial overview appraisal given at the property at the conclusion of the inspection.


The BSET Services Residential Building Survey also includes a 'priority and cost band' indication for any element of repair or further investigation allowing the Report to be used to ensure any repair implications are fully understood before purchase and during the initial stages of ownership for the planning of any maintenance and repairs. The Report does not include a Market Valuation unless requested at the time of instruction but does include  a calculation of the Insurance Reinstatement Cost.


Building Surveys are not as expensive as the press make you believe quoting figures of over £1000.  A BSET Services Residential Building Survey represents excellent value for money in the depth of the Reporting, photographic support and the cost advice included can save you many times the fee paid and acts as a sound base for any negotiation in the purchase price.  The average Building Survey fee is currently less than £400 including VAT.  Fees start from £255 including VAT for a two bedroom terrace house!


Call or e-mail and obtain a fixed price quotation without any hassle, offers or after sales calls.  Free professional advice is offered to allow you to make the informed choice for the type of Report you require.


You don't have to use the secured lenders surveyors for the Building Survey only their own or tied surveyors undertake the valuation which is NOT a Survey.  Impartial Independent Surveyors work for you not the lender.


Listed Buildings

Using an extensive knowledge of traditional construction techniques.  Residential Building Surveys of listed buildings has been a particular specialism.  Inspections have been undertaken throughout the North of England on many historic and period house types including Water Mills, Boat Houses (fortunatley in a drought), Sections of castles, farm buildings and houses.  Advice is carefully considered using the understanding of the planning requirements from March 2010 and the sensitive use of remedial repair original , existing and future use expectations.


RICS HomeBuyer Report

The new RICS HomeBuyer Report was launched in 2009 and delivers a new standard of economic Reporting using 'traffic light' condition ratings to assist purchasers to understand prioritise any actions when purchasing a home.


This Report includes a Market Valuation and Insurance Reinstatement Cost.  The Report is suitable for homes of traditional construction in reasonable condition,which have not been substantially altered or extended and were built in the last 150 years.


Targeted Inspection Report

Developed from the successful Specific Defects Report Developed by Ian Shore over twenty years ago and copied by many this new Report is the next generation of inspection which may include invasive inspection techniques and is tailored to pre-purchase and existing home owners who may be concerned about the condition of any element of their property.  The inspection can be tailored to suit established clients including property investors looking for the 'core details' about a home.


The Report can be used where a Valuation for secured lending requires further advice from a Chartered Building Surveyor,  Issues can include chimney breast removal, independent cavity wall or timber and dampness inspections, crack monitoring for purchasers and home owners.  Or if you wish to review the options for alterations.  Drawings and applications for Building Regulation consents can be made.



Many other services are available including expert witness for construction/ purchase litigation, building plans preparation, structural calculations for residential elements, Building Regulation advice.  Please contact for full details and competitive quotations.

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